Wednesday, 20 October, 2010

Why Aakrosh Is Worth To See? - A Historical Movie In Indian Cinema

Aakrosh is the first mainstream commercial movie in Hindi, openly & bluntly criticizing caste issue.

Yes, there is good story, nice cinematography, brilliant acting and most importantly a great will from the producers, Ajay Devgan, Priyadarshan and the whole unit.

If you make a movie showing the fourth caste - the untouchables - SC/ST/OBC - hero, it is very dangerous for your career as an actor and director and risk a total loss to producer, distributors & cinema hall owners. The hero and the director have risk of becoming enemy in majority of Indians whose unconscious mind are still biased to caste system.

This is the reason I am appreciating this historical movie in the history of Indian cinema.

I doubt weather any hero would be
agreed to play a role of Chamar (Jataw) hero in the mainstream as played by Ajay Devgan.
Mammootty who played Baba Saheb Dr. BR Ambedkar in the film Dr. B R Ambedkar, denied the role initially and only after lot of persuasions he agreed. Other than him no one had agreed. The fate to the film by Jabar Patel - the film, irrespective brilliantly made, had caliber of sending to Oscars, did not even got a proper release. Later Mammootty got National Award for his brilliant acting in the same role.

Bringing Aakrosh to the audience, The Hero Ajay Devgan, Director Priyadarshan, The whole unit, producers, distributors, cinema hall owners, and we as an Indians have done a great job.

Authors Bio & Contact details: Nikhil Sablania is a filmmaker. He is a post graduate diploma holder in "Film & TV Direction & Screenplay Writing" from "Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute" (SRFTI) and graduate in Psychology from "Zakir Hussain College" Delhi University. His film, "Siski" (the sigh), a 29 minutes short horror film has been selected at "9th Student Film & Video Film Festival (ISFVF) of Beijing Film Academy" and "Portobello Film Festival, London, UK." He is involved in films and TV as director, writer & producer and also co-owns his company "Cowdung Films (" He has also produced short film, "Sumthing Like Luv" and his feature film "Checkmate" is under production.

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